The return to ‘normal’ working

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In a relatively short period of time, social media has gone from endless posts of people slapping themselves on the back for making the transition to working from home, to posts moaning about the challenges of ‘getting back to normal’.

The number of posts with people sharing screen shots of ‘ZOOM’ meetings has been replaced with endless polls about the ‘return to work’.

People that were praising the extra time that they had without the daily commute and ongoing travel commitments, are now expressing frustrations about ongoing travel complications and how it’s restricting their ability to get back to how things were done in the past.

Our rush to get back to the old ways of doing things, whether it be attending trade shows or face to face meetings, seems to be clouding our ability to appreciate the benefits that the changes we were forced to make have brought us.

Before we rush to throw away all the good things that we’ve learnt, it’s worth taking time to reflect what the whole Covid crisis has taught us.  

Simply re-instating our ‘bad habits’ from the past seems like we’ve wasted an amazing opportunity and actually made no progress at all.

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