The Negotiation Game ®

Proven techniques and tools to ensure consistent commercial success

The Negotiation Game ®

  • The Negotiation Game ® is a fast paced, highly participative workshop developed specifically for today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.
  • It brings together the skills, knowledge, tactics and experience of both ‘Buyer’ and ‘Seller’ first-hand, for the first time.
  • It focuses on development of the core skills, behaviours that are essential to ensure consistent success.
  • Content and format can be customised to meet your specific commercial needs.
  • All participants can have access to ongoing tips and articles via a personalised log in.


The Podcast

Wendy and I recently spent time chatting with Phil Abritton of Power Kid Design – an award winning, industry leading organisation that specialises in helping businesses with invention, brand design and engineering challenges.

We were delighted to get the opportunity to speak with Phil as part of his regular ‘Power Kid Podcast’ series and to share our excitement at developing this workshop that brings together ‘Buyer’ and ‘Seller’ for the first time.

Check out the conversation and get in touh for more details of how this workshop will really help your organisation.


I worked with Vance on numerous development programmes and his practical approach combined with his personal energy brought consistent results.


Richard Cornwell

Managing Director