Coaching & Mentoring

One-on-One working to release potential

Why Coaching & Mentoring

To me, working one on one with talented people is such a privilege. I love working ‘up close’ and in real time to ‘stretch’ and challenge individuals to unleash their true potential.

The work that I do falls into three areas:

1.  Mentoring – helping individuals unleash their full potential

2.  Development Coaching – helping individuals become more rounded contributors

3.  Career Coaching – helping individuals to plan their next career moves

Coaching can be focused around one key skill and is often short term, whereas Mentoring is longer term and is about more than just goal achievement, it’s also about life planning and ‘big picture’ thinking. Whatever the timeframe, our work together will focus on your specific needs.

My role is not to ‘rescue’ individuals. My goal is to enable, challenge and support individuals to give them the confidence to deliver 100% of their potential. It’s all about ‘Making People Count’.

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What does success look like?

Making the process of 'change' less daunting

A key part of the mentoring and coaching support that I provide can be to help you define what you’re trying to achieve and to support you in taking the key steps to make sure that your goals are fully achieved. 

Whatever your situation, achieving your goals, your dreams and your ambitions IS within your reach.

All of us have ideas and dreams and for many people everyday life gets in the way of realising them. Too many distractions means that these dreams fall into the ‘too difficult’ pile, detailed plans are not built and motivation is lost.

It’s often easier to leave things as they are rather than to make changes that carry the risk of failure and disappointment. Without the clarity in our own minds and a defined plan, it’s difficult (if not virtually impossible) to communicate precisely what we’re trying to achieve and why.

I make this easier for you.

Taking the first step

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”

Working with my proven template, I’ll help and support you to identify the key areas for change and the key actions required to drive that change.

I’ll work with you to build the plans that will ensure that actions are completed, required changes are implemented and success is attained.

It’s easy to find reasons not to change but truly understanding WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE® will provide the clarity and motivation to help you get started on making the changes that you want and move you closer to getting the results that you deserve.

Why not get in touch and let’s see how we can realise your goals and ambitions.