This is going to be a great week!

Not only is it the last week in January (significant when you’re being ‘dry’), it’s this week that London Toy Fair takes place. The first time that the key players from the toy trade will have been together in one place for two years. I know that it’s not just the Toy Industry that has suffered, […]

Beware of stress!

For some people, working from home has not been the stress-free experience that they hoped for. A combination of poor communication, unclear priorities and poor discipline has led to increased stress levels. Now add the prospect of a hybrid office/home working arrangement and the situation could get out of hand. Can this still be sorted […]

It takes effort not just talent.

Anyone who watched the US Open Ladies Final on Saturday night could not have failed to be impressed by the approach, mental strength and overall performance of Emma Raducanu. To win in the way she did was a triumph and an example of what’s possible to everyone around the world. Too often people are told […]

The return to ‘normal’ working

New normal at airport

In a relatively short period of time, social media has gone from endless posts of people slapping themselves on the back for making the transition to working from home, to posts moaning about the challenges of ‘getting back to normal’. The number of posts with people sharing screen shots of ‘ZOOM’ meetings has been replaced […]

How do you see success?

Whoever you are, your vision of what success looks like will be different from anyone else’s. Too often we’re fed images of ‘success’ by the media in an attempt to sell us something or to secure publicity for a celebrity. Taking time to identify what success looks like for you is one of the best […]

What are the ingredients for sustainable success?

In my first book, I look at the links between cooking and having a successful business. How having the right ingredients in place can bring sustainable success. In business, as in cooking, having the right ingredients and treating them in the right way is essential if you are to achieve the best results. “Cooking for […]